May 7, 2020

CorbinPartners releases Comparative Advertising Checklist

Elsevier Academic Press and international standards organization ASTM recently published ‘Practical Guide to Comparative Advertising - Dare to Compare'.  This readable and entertaining corporate handbook is the first of its kind, and featured what Dr. Ruth Corbin calls her “dream-team” of co-authors. 

With permission of the publishers, CorbinPartners Inc. has released a stand-alone extract from the handbook, the summary “Checklist” of do’s and don’ts from each chapter.  The checklist acts as a training and memory aid for topics to keep in mind when under time pressure of a comparative advertising launch.  It will also enable you to think fast when confronted by an offensive claim by one of your competitors.

To access the Summary Checklist, click here.  To order a copy of the full text at a discounted rate, click here.   To connect with the CorbinPartners author, click here.