Eureka Foundation  

The Eureka Foundation is a federally-registered charitable foundation that acts to mobilize the knowledge-based communities in which we work to consolidate funding for altruistic reasons. Support is primarily targeted to worthy but less established beneficiaries with a knowledge or culture-based mandate to deliver tangible programs within a five-year horizon to pursue innovation in science and the arts. By succeeding in this endeavour, the Foundation and its partners can take pride in accelerating the efforts of hidden gems where such support will provide a meaningful difference in their work, and contribute to making the lives better for those in Canada and across borders to whom the value of that work is intended.      


Examples of past beneficiaries include:

Tom Patterson Theatre Centre, Stratford Festival - A new theatre dedicated to local hero, Tom Patterson, who by daring to dream changed the face of his country and the economy of his hometown in 1952 when he established a 6-week Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario. 

The Research and Learning Tower, SickKids Foundation - For the first time, a public face for SickKids Research Institute, bringing together 2,000 scientists and staff.  The building showcases the incredible depth and breadth of research being conducted by the Hospital to improve child health through prevention, better cures, and early detection of childhood disease.   

Drop It And Drive (DIAD), Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) - An essential education program focused on preventing distraction-related road user fatalities and injuries. DIAD delivers corporate seminars that are customized to the environment, features and context of your specific workplace. DIAD works with employers to make the workplace safer and protect the health of their workforce.

Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists, Royal Conservatory - Program created for extraordinary young musicians aged eight to eighteen. Built on the philosophy that young talent, when properly nurtured and expertly trained, can become exceptional. This comprehensive program has developed the performance skills, musicianship, and academic excellence of its students, creating artists, teachers, and cultural leaders.

IP Osgoode at Osgoode Hall Law School - An independent and authoritative voice which explores legal issues at the intersection of intellectual property (IP) and technology. It provides a balanced and objective research, a wide array of learning opportunities for law students, and ultimately, act as a facilitator for the flourishment of a knowledge-based society in Canada.

"You can imagine your kind support is worth a great deal to us; it truly makes a difference in our ability to present outstanding theater and inspire young and old alike to embrace this life affirming art form."
Cynthia Young
Major Gifts Manager, Stratford Shakespeare Festival